Airbus – the very name of the company has such a history and one that’s very existence is owed to the American aviation industry and its advances that left competition way behind. If you’re acquainted with the history of the aviation industry you’ll notice the gap in terms of years between the starting of Boeing and Airbus! Naturally, you’ll want to own at least one Airbus Model Airplane in your collection.

While Boeing was ready with its first model, the 247, in 1933, it wasn’t until 1970 that Airbus was formally created. This creation was a result of at least three years of planning between the governments of UK, France and Germany. This historical and unprecedented occurrence took place on the 18th of December, 1970.

The first ever result of this collaboration was the A300. The aim before the actual work began was to be able to create a passenger aircraft capable of carrying over 100 passengers, transporting them over short distances at a low cost.

The A300 was therefore built with a “widebody” and twin-engines (General Electric’s CF6-50). The use of American made engines caused Britain to quit the collaboration. The A300 made its first air flight two years later in 1972. It took two more years before the commercial model called the A300B2 was launched. In 1975, this model was replaced by the A300B4.

Altogether 81 aircrafts of this sort were made throughout the 1970s though they were pretty slow at capturing the market. Airbus only began to be taken seriously in the year 1981, after it launched the A320. There were in excess of 400 orders to fulfill before Airbus even began manufacturing the A320. Compare this with their premier aircraft, the A300, which had a mere 15 orders, and you’ll get the picture.

As a collector, you’ll find it easier to buy the A320 or A321 off the internet. The A300 is virtually unfound but then you don’t have to take my word for it. There are several manufacturers whom you can contact for a custom Airbus Model Airplane.

The design differences between the A300 and the A320 or A321 are virtually minimal.

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