There are quite a few different aircraft scale model manufacturers around our planet but one of the biggest in Ukraine is the AZ model scale model airplanes company. The AZ Models company was set up in Ukraine in 2004 and they sell a variety of different aircraft scale models on the web and at their stores in Ukraine.

The AZ model scale model airplanes company has over 1600 different types on airplanes and aircraft kits that one can choose from. They wide variety of products online and at their stores is the only thing any aircraft enthusiast would want. Their products come in different scales such as 1/72, 1/48, 1/32, 1/35, 1/144. 1/200 and even uniscale.

One of their most popular products is the limited edition aircraft which is a model of the French World War II aircraft called 4805 Morane Saulnier. This limited edition French World War II model can be bought for approximately $46.

The price range of all the products vary vastly depending on the product itself but the average range is from $15 to $50. The AZ Model aircraft named 7300 Supermarine Seafang is one of their cheapest aircraft models on sale and it is just for a little over $15.

People who don’t live in Ukraine but would like to buy their aircraft products because of their quality and relatively low prices can do so online. All you need to do is visit their website and browse through their entire list of aircraft models and pick the one you like. You can also choose the scale you want your airplane model to be in. Once the selection process is over all you need to do is pay for it online using your Paypal account.

The AZ model company can ship the products to any part of the world you live in but the shipping is not free and you have to pay for it depending on the weight of the product and type of shipping option you choose. On their website they give you a rough estimate of how much it would cost for shipping for different weights.