No discussion on aviation history would be complete without a nod to one of the most long-standing and well-known names in the business – Boeing! If you enjoy the hobby of collecting or building model airplanes, then there’s no doubt that you’re familiar with this giant in the field. You probably have a few of these models already gracing your collection. And from among these, there’s probably even that one Boeing model airplane that you consider your absolute favorite?

The starting point for collectors of Boeing airplane models will always be the Boeing 247, the first modern airplane built for passengers in the year 1933. The prototype took its first flight on the 8th of February, 1933 and began to be used commercially a few months later. This aircraft broke records in terms of speed, safety and even ease of flying.

The Boeing 247 was a historical plane to have been built and flown and is known today for becoming the prototype for all the modern airliners. It incorporated a number of changes in its build and design. These came in the form of the anodized aluminum body, landing machinery capable of retracting, cantilevered wings, etc. Add to this such innovations as autopilot and the capacity to fly on only one engine (though it was a twin engine aircraft and the first one to be made, at that).

So much safer was this model from all other existing passenger aircraft at that time that Boeing immediately went on to occupy the top position in the industry. What contributed to this was the manufacturing of sixty airplanes by Boeing, all for its own brand.

The Boeing 247 was the fastest aircraft of that time beating even the Boeing P-12, which was the United States’ top fighter plane. It could make the trip between New York and Los Angeles in about twelve and a half hours – a good seven and a half hours lesser than other commercial airliners.

This Boding model airplane is of course pretty easily available in the scale of 1/48. You’ll want to check out the other details involved before you settle on the brand to buy.

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