corgi aviationCorgi Aviation diecast scale model airplanes are one of the most sough after but at the same time very hard to find in stores or online. The older plane models are very hard to locate and you will have to try really hard to locate a store for these. They will look really good in your cabinet and will add value to your collection of scale models. They are hugely popular and due to their pricing fall in the premium category.

Corgi Aviation is a company which can give you scale models that will really enhance your collection diecast model airplanes. They have set a new standard by which all the scale model airplanes are judged. The Corgi models are based on specific aircrafts from the historical or modern era and these are all authentically built using original materials and library documents. This is where Corgi aviation scores over others. They always make an effort towards their airplanes so that no flaw ever surfaces. In fact, not only military aircrafts but also commercial airliners are also considered for model airplanes. Some of the features of the Corgi Aviation Diecast model airplanes are diecast construction but with some use of plastic components, realistic antennas and access panels and printed markings that won’t fade or peel off.

There are a couple of models from the Corgi aviation stable which are fast becoming popular. The 1:144 scale Boeing 707 is probably the largest and is built with almost solid diecast construction. Nothing is missing in this model when you compare it with the actual bird. The model has a sleek tubular shaped fuselage, a sculpted nose and printed doors and windows. You can also see the turbo fan details. The ground display is easy and good with quick installation of landing gear. This is a limited edition model and will cost 25$.

For those who are more interested in war birds than commercial airliners then the scaled model of B – 17 Flying Fortress will definitely impress them. The airplane which was used during the WWII has been authentically modeled with the guns and all. The length and width dimensions are 6.25” and 8.75” respectively. Both the above-mentioned models are proving to be bestsellers and you can check a number of websites for the pricing, availability and shipping policies.