diecast model airplaneModel airplanes rank high in the priority list for people who love to build up on their collections. Diecast model airplanes are very popular among the things to collect. The diecast models are so called as they are made by casting the metal in dies. There are hundreds of models available in the markets which are produced by some of the best manufacturers in the business.

The first question that you need to ask before embarking on a collection of diecast models airplanes is – What type of diecast model airplanes will I be interested in? Am I going to collect a selective few or all that are available? There are some people who are only interested in the diecast replicas of the airplanes of World War I and II. There are still others who are very loyal to a certain manufacturer and refuse to buy a model from any other company.

Some of the well known manufacturers of diecast model airplanes are Corgi, Air Command, Aero Classics, Herpa, In Air, Hot Wings and Gemini Jets. The starting price is as low as 25 USD but for the special models the price can be as high as a few hundred dollars. One of the best known models is the ‘Alaska 737 – 400 Disneyland’. It is a 1/400 scale metal airplane which in other words means that the diecast model is four hundred times smaller than the real airplane. Generally the models are all in the scale of 1/64, 1/24 and 1/18 scale.

Gemini Jets is known for their limited editions airplanes as they produce only about twenty-five hundred of each variety. This makes these diecast all the more valuable to and hence the rush to collect these. These model airplanes look almost like the real ones with realistic landing equipments, colors and designs. The Armour brand by Franklin Mint is one of the most expensive ranges available in the stores today. These models are hand-made and they are even painted by hand. For bargains on these models you can check out any local sale, garage sale or rummage sale.

Storing a diecast model airplane after you purchase it is probably the most sensitive part. Generally people store them in a curio case or a display cabinet or in some other similar cool and dry place. You can also add a description to the box so that it looks like a ‘mini’ museum.

Diecast model military airplanes are also very popular and the leading manufacturers are Corgi Aviation, Century Wings, Hobby Master and Witty Wings. These companies also have a range of new and hard to locate pre-built aircraft which are ready to be sold and shipped. Some of these models are F4 Phantom, SR-71 Stealth Fighter, P-51 Mustang and the Spitfire. Each of these models are built from precision diecast metal components and they are all accurate with real historical markings. They are so real that you can even smell the jet-fuel. Not owning one of these is a real crime if youb are really passionate about diecast model airplanes.