Eduard is a well known brand name in the market when it comes to scale models. This brand has been in the business since 1989, making it a company with over two decades of experience in this field. Eduard is a Czech company formed in Most, where it operated out of a “rented cellar.” At the time, the company was into the making of components for brass scale models.

Eduard Model Accessories spent four years making components and found great success, prompting them to expand and get into the making of plastic models. This happened in the year 1993. They began working on creating a range of plastic kits along with photoetch detail sets.

Within the next 13 years, they managed to create a product line ranging over 30 kits made from plastic along with over 800 photoetch detail sets. It’s in the latter field that they’ve become household names across the globe. The products had begun to see worldwide distribution by then.

On the scale model airplane front, Eduard has created kits that range from the WWI era right up to current times. Among those they’ve manufactured, the most popular include the P-40, the Fw 190 fighter planes and the P-39. Also gaining vast popularity was the Dassault Mirage III. All these models kits are generally available in the 1/48 scale though there are some in the 1/72 scale as well.

Eduard scale model airplanes in the WWI category consist of eleven aircraft kits, all in the 1/48 scale. These include the Bristol F2B, the Fokker D.VII, the Nieuport Ni16, the Roland CII German BiPlane, etc.

If you’re looking for bigger Eduard scale model airplanes then check out the ones they have in 1/72 scale. These include both regular plastic kits as well as limited editions. From the WWI era, the limited editions kits include the Nieuport Ni 17 BiPlane Fighter Dual Combo, the Spad XIII Early Version Aircraft Dual Combo, the Nieuport Ni23 BiPlane Fighter Dual Combo and the Flyboys: Fokker Dr I BiPlane.

The same size can also be found for WWII era scale aircraft model kits.

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