rc model airplanesRadio Controlled Airplanes is the latest hobby that is becoming increasingly popular among people of all ages. In fact, it has become so popular that many RC flying clubs have mushroomed all over US. Electric radio controlled planes are here to stay as they are easy and definitely cheaper than the gas airplanes. This is a very easy way to get started as the electric ones are not complicated and perfect for beginners. Among the electric ones, the 3 – channel Accipiter Badius Glider is very popular among beginners. This has become popular as it is easy to fly it and you do not have to run from pillar to post in search of the spare parts.

Spare parts availability should be an important point to consider while choosing electric RC model airplanes. If you are new to this hobby then it is expected that you will crash your plane at least once. In the event of a crash, the main wing, propeller or the tail assembly needs to be replaced. The parts are either screwed or held with each other through elastic so it is easy to replace the damaged parts with a new one.

The Electric RC Model airplanes have a number of advantages over the gas powered airplanes. The electric models create very low noise even at maximum revolutions which is a huge boost for those who want to fly their planes at the neighborhood parks. So nobody gets disturbed by any kind of noise.

Electric motors produce high level of efficiency with minimum heat production. Another notable thing is that in electric motors the moving parts rotate along the same axis as the direction of the flight and hence cause very little vibration. So fewer materials are required as the airplane need not be constructed in a special way to absorb vibration. The cost of maintaining the electric motors is very less. Since the contact points are very few friction is less when compared to gas airplanes and hence no need of lubrication.

As we can see there are a number of reasons to choose electric RC model airplanes and many companies are coming up with newer and newer models to lure the prospective buyers. Here we will discus a few of the best models available in the market right now. The Vortex RC plane is very well known for its stability and simple design. This is a perfect model for those who are new to the sport. When you gain more experience you can try the SX3 Aerobatic 3D electric RC plane or the Vortex Extreme RC plane as these provide superior control and you can even try a trick or two. To top it all the Vortex Extreme model comes with an optional wireless Eye cam. When you are experienced enough to take on the world gift yourself the F/A – 18C Blue Angel Brushless Radio Controlled model airplane. So what are you waiting for? Hop into the world of electric RC model airplane flying.

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