gemini acesGemini Aces are one of the leaders in the domain of diecast model airplanes. They have scaled replicas of the world’s airlines – both past and present. They have a carved a name for itself in this category and all of their models are true collector’s items and limited editions. This means models which are sold out are never re-issued. The diecast models by Gemini Aces are created with 100% accuracy and the company makes sincere efforts to ensure that all the models are of high quality.

Very recently Gemini Aces introduced military model airplanes in 1:72 scales. Gemini Aces diecast model airplanes have superior detailing and have set new standards in model airplanes. However, they are sadly limited to 2000 pieces per each model but they have some die-hard features like high end graphics and metal stand, landing gear with up/down configurations, rolling rubber tires, diecast constructions, spinning propellers and movable control surfaces.

Some of the models unveiled under the brand Gemini Aces diecast model airplanes are:

  1. McDonnell Douglas Phantom models which were completely sold out by the time this article was written.
  2. Gemini Aces Royal Navy McDonnell Douglas Phantom FG 1 ‘Silver Jubilee’ 1/72 scale. This is also a sold out model.
  3. Gemini Aces Lutwaffe: Messerschmitt Bf 109F – 4 “Russia Front” 1/72 Scale
  4. Gemini Aces Lutwaffe: Messerschmitt Bf 109F – 2 “Adolf Galland” 1/72 Scale

The last two mentioned models are really high in demand and going by the sales figures will very soon become sold out. However, none of these Lutwaffe models will come with the Nazi ‘Swastik’ sign as this is banned. The other detailing, though, are all accurate and even the underside of the airplane has been meticulously designed. Since all these are diecast models special care should be undertaken for their maintenance. After you purchase the model it is always advisable to place them in a cabinet or a display case. You can also keep it at any other place which is cool and free from any dust.

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