The Gulfstream model airplanes are produced by the Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation which has its headquarters in Savannah, Georgia. The company produces a number of different jets for all sorts of clients which are from government to corporate to military to private customers all over the world. This model of airplane is extremely popular with the corporate industry and more than 25% of the Fortune 500 companies operate one of their models.

The company first appeared on the world aviation map in the year 1957 when the Grumman Aircraft Engineering Co. produced its first model named Gulfstream I, this model had a turboprop-drive design. This was its very first business aircraft as earlier the company had only dealt with military aircrafts.

After its initial success Grumman started working on a more business like model and came up with the Gulfstream II. This model was an instant hit and took the company to greater heights. It was one of the first turbojet-powered aircraft which was made exclusively for corporate use. The corporate world loved this and company started growing.

With the success of the Gulfstream II model the company separated its military aircraft section from the corporate section and a corporate aircraft building and testing center was built in Savannah in 1967. It first started with a hundred employees but the demand was so high that the work force was increased from a 100 to a 1000 employees in one year.

After almost 10 long years of producing the Gulfstream II, Grumman sold the company to American Jet Industries in 1978. The company was later renamed Gulfstream America. The new owner started pushing for more development on the Gulfstream II model and created the Gulfstream III in 1979. The new model was a success and by 1982 there were about 2,500 people working at the Savannah facility.

The company is currently known around the globe as Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation and it produces six different private aircraft models. As of the year 2008 the six models that were produced were Gulfstream G150, Gulfstream G200, Gulfstream G250, Gulfstream G350/450, Gulfstream G500/550 and Gulfstream G650.

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