HasegawaThe Hasegawa Corporation is a well known manufacturer of scale model airplanes and is based in Shizuoka, Japan. Hasegawa models are regarded as to be accurate though its’ kits are not very easy to assemble. But that is hardly a dampener. The company maintains a very high standard and is imported into North America by Dragon Models Limited.

Hasegawa models are considered to be the best in the 1/32 scale model airplane category. They have mainly WWII aircrafts along with a number of modern jets. The company was a later bloomer in the field of 1/48 scale model airplanes but their efforts are well appreciated. Their range includes WWII aircrafts and most modern warplanes, mainly fighters. They also started producing 1/48 business jets but it was later withdrawn.

Hasegawa’s main forte has been the 1/72 scale model airplanes. They have the entire WWII and modern military aircraft range including the fighters and the bombers. They also have the complete line up of the Imperial Japanese Air Force from World War II and their range also includes the highly popular Mitsubishi A6M Reisen Zero Fighter. They also have the latest scale models of the aircrafts that are now being used by the Japanese Air Force.

Among other fighter planes they also have the Macross series Valkyrie transformable fighters which look more like the modern day jet fighters. Hasegawa is also known for their modern jet airliners. The quality of these models is really high and they are revered all over. In fact, Hasegawa is the only major manufacturer of 1/200 scale model airplanes. Some of the best known models are:

1/72 JS – 036 – 130 Hasegawa Cessna A- 37A – USAF

This is one of the top sellers on www.amazon.com and it has a very well detailed gear and cockpit which makes this model all the more remarkable. It also has 100 galloon drop tanks, 2 pilots and raised panel lines. It is priced at an affordable 24$.

1/72 AP33 Hasegawa Grumman TBF/TBM1 – C Avenger – VC – 17

This is the finest 1/72 Avenger kit. It has detailed gear wells, closed bomb bays, cockpit details and torpedo loadout. It is priced at 38$.

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