hobby bossThe passion of collecting scale model airplanes is relatively new compared to the other age old hobbies. But this passion has given rise to a number of companies which are specialized in scale models and that too at a very short time. One such company is Hobby Boss. It is basically a new scale model airplane manufacturer. They have unique capabilities in design, development and manufacturing. They have been producing the models for some time but it is only very recently that they have started production under their own brand name of Hobby Boss. Presently there are 1:72 models in assembly version and 1:48 military with a unique landing gear. Within a very short span of time they have a couple of models which are doing really well in the market and deserve special mention.

One such model is the Hobby Boss HBB80209 P40B/C Hawk 81. It is in the 1:72 scale ranges. There are 20 parts which requires assembly, glue and paint. The wingspan of the model is 158 mm. In reality the airplane is used in Chinese 3rd Squadron and RAF 250 Squadron.

The 2nd model is the Hobby Boss HB B80212 Spitfire MkVb. This one too is in the 1:72 scale with 27 different parts which requires assembly. The wingspan is 155.7 mm. The airplane has been modeled on the same plane used in the RAF 317 Squadron and RAF 303 squadron. The design and finish of the model will impress everybody and people who are not into collecting Hobby Boss scale model airplanes will be tempted to do so.

The next scaled model that requires a special mention would be the Hobby Boss HB B80221 FM1 Wildcatwhich is again in the 1:72 scale range. The wingspan is 160.88 mm with a total of 19 parts that needs to be assembled.  The actual bird is used for VF – 12 US Navy. All the three models discussed here is worth buying and luckily all of them are still available online and in stores. So before they get all sold why don’t you buy a piece for yourself?

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