hobby masterDiecast model airplanes are probably the most admired of all model airplanes. The models are made from diecast metal components with very good detailing. Models like P – 51 Mustang and B – 17 Flying Fortress have full and minute details including the exhaust stains. These realistic details are only possible in the case of diecast model airplanes. Modern day jets like F – 15 and F/A – 18 are true collector’s items. But before you embark on diecast airplane collection, you first need to decide what type of airplanes are you looking for? There are a number of manufacturers of diecast airplanes and the most notable among of them are Hobby Master.

The ‘Air Power Series’ by Hobby Master have detailed models of military and war aircrafts. The main features of these models are that they are made from full diecast metals with some plastic components. There are realistic panel lines, antennas and vivid surface detailing. The materials are fade proof so they will remain in good condition even after many years. The cockpit interiors are fully detailed and the canopy can be opened. The landing gear too can be expanded and retracted as per need. The good thing about these models is that even the underside of the model is full detailed with concealed screws. The diecast model airplanes are available in 1/64, 1/24 and 1/18 scale. The prices starts from as low as 25 $ per airplane but can reach up to a few hundred dollars depending upon the model and the realism. You can buy these from stores or directly from the manufacturer. However, if you want cheaper rates then you can visit the local garage sales, rummage sales and flea markets for used or refurbished models.

After you purchase the diecast model you need to take good care of them to increase the longevity. The best place to keep them is in the cabinet or a display case. A clear, acrylic box divided into different compartments is the ideal choice for keeping these models but you can also keep it in a cool, dry place and free from dust. You can tape the name or the description of the plane to the box to make it even more appealing.

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