Ever wondered which companies design those fancy private jets that richest people on our planet fly, well one of those companies that makes business class jets for the civilian as well as military use is the company named Learjet. The Learjet model airplane was manufactured by William Powell Lear Jr. in the 1950’s and was part of the Swiss American Aviation Corporation. However, today the Learjet model airplane belongs to Bombardier and is part of the Bombardier Learjet Family.

The Learjet model airplane didn’t have a very successful start, at first it was designed to be a Swiss ground attack fighter aircraft but after its third prototype crashed orders that were placed for it were cancelled. However, the engineers went ahead and made to more Learjet model airplane prototypes and after the completion of the last prototype the production on these planes was stopped in 1960.

That is when Bill Lear saw this model and decided that they could perfectly suit the need for business class airplanes rather than fighter jets. He got a small team of engineer together and started work on the Learjet model airplane. They made a few changes to the design and started work on it in the city of Kansas. By 1963 the work was in full swing and that is when the Lear Jet Corporation was formed.

The first Learjet model was called the Learjet 23 which could take up to 6-8 passengers and it was first flown in the year 1963. The company then went through a number of different changes; one of the biggest was that it changed into a public owned corporation with Bill Lear holding 60% of the stakes.

After that the there were a number of different Learjet model airplanes that were produced from the first being the Learjet 23 to the latest which is called the Learjet 85, which can fly at a high speed of Mach 0.82 and range up to 3,000 nm or 5,556 km.

The only ever tragic incident which has occurred with this model is that in 1983 a Sri Lankan business tycoon was flying in this model from Malaysia to Sri Lanka and the plane blew up in mid air.

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