military model airplaneIf you’re into the collection or building of military model airplanes, you’ll have already found that there are several manufacturers that cater to your wants. Each of them either specialize in the creation of custom military aircraft models or in the manufacture of kits that you can purchase and put together yourself.

But, I’m thinking about the novices in this field. How do they go about deciding on which model to look for or buy next? What are the criteria that should be taken in to consideration? Well, here’s a short list of three criteria that I’ve created that will undoubtedly help you identify the next model with ease:

1. Country: If you’re trying to recreate military history by means of your collection then the smartest place to start is the name of the country you’re interested in. This could be your own country or a foreign one.

2. Era: If you’ve already decided on the country and have begun to collect a few models that were in use in the past, then you’ll probably have a idea which up to which era you’ve managed to collect. Deciding on the era can allow you to focus on and complete one whole set as related to that time period. Take for instance World War I or World War II and try to collect all the models that might have been built or used by that specific country during the given era.

3. Scale: Last but certainly not the least, decide on the scale you’re looking for. Maybe you want all your military model airplanes to be of the scale. Contrarily, you might want to have them in different scales. This is a question you have to answer and then move ahead accordingly. Most manufacturing websites allow you to choose the scale of the models you intend to custom order.

I do believe that this method will give you a structured form in which to go about your hobby. It shouldn’t be difficult to follow it either, provided you have all the necessary information about the various military models that were built and put into use during the era of your choice.

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