airplane guideBuilding and flying model airplanes is becoming increasingly popular nowadays and newer models are being launched fairly regularly. This has become the most sought after hobby now. The models range from the basic ones to the more complex one like the model jet airplanes. The models come in two varieties – Ready to Fly and Almost Ready to Fly. When buy a model of the 1st variety then there is really nothing to worry. You can just take it out from the box; attach the dismantled parts (if any) and let it fly. The ARF variety needs a little bit of building the airplane and it will take a minimum of 4 hrs to get the model ready. If the model is a complicated one then the time to build it will also increase.

These models are quite easy to build as the box comes with instruction manuals and all. But there are other aspects which require equal attention and a little bit of expertise. The areas of concern are – the first flight, radio control equipment, savos, batteries, glow engines, pulsejet and the turbines. You can follow the instruction manuals for these or you can follow the many guide books that are readily available in the market. These guides are also available in various blogs and the can also be bought from reputed websites such as

There are a number of good books for this purpose. Gas Turbines for Model Aircraft by Kurt Schreckling is one of the best in the genre. It has received good reviews all over and is recommended for first timers. The book is written in a lucid manner and is also used by veterans of RC flying. There are lots of people who have abandoned RC flying as they get bored of the complex manuals, unlimited formulas and weird vocabulary. This is where the book scores over others. The book is low priced and comes in paperback edition. There are other similar titles which are good reference guides for RC model airplane flyers. Some of the notable books are Model Jet Engines by Thomas Kamps and RCadvisor’s Model Airplane Design Made Easy by Carlos Reyes.