nitro rc airplanesIn terms of popularity the nitro RC model airplanes may not be in the same league as the electric RC model airplanes but the former is slowly catching up in terms of popularity. These types of RC models form the bulk of the airplanes found in RC airplanes clubs all over. There is another advantage associated with these models – building and flying nitro powered model airplanes are much easier compared to other types of models. There are at least a couple of Ready to Fly airplanes that are nitro powered and are very popular among all – young and old. The NexStar Select N46 is powered with features that make flying this model safe and easy. There is another model – Alpha Trainer DSM2 – which is also a nitro RC model airplane and is sold with a 2.4 GHz standard. Another first by this model is that it uses the DSM2 spread spectrum radio technology which makes flying more easy and convenient.

RC multi channel nitro planes are making more and more people to turn to this sport with a new zeal and fervor. The above-mentioned models are perfect for beginners and help the person to gain the much valuable experience to get promoted to the electric RC model airplane flying.

There are a number of scale nitro RC model airplanes available in the market now and each one seems to be a ‘must buy’. The most popular models are P-51 Mustang, Piper Cub and Cessna. The nitro powered Piper Club is definitely the best of the lot and is very easy to fly. On the other hand, the P-51 Mustang is not a very good choice for the beginners. It should ideally be your 3rd choice model airplane. The Mustang has a great flying speed but lacks the stability of the Piper Cub which makes it unsuitable for those who are new to the sport. This is the primary reason why the Piper Cub is so popular with the people.

There is one particular model in particular in the Mustang series with which the beginners are somewhat comfortable. This is the PTS Advance Trainer Mustang which has advanced features that make it stable in the air and can be easily steered. The model airplane has been designed with the beginners in mind so it is really a good choice for learning the art of RC flying on a high wing trainer. The plane also uses a 4 – stroke engine instead of the regular 2 – stroke one and hence creates minimal sound when flying at low speeds.

It is true that nitro RC model airplanes are quite popular with the beginners but before you go ahead and buy one for yourself you need to know certain things. Nitro TC airplanes are not simple as their electric counterparts. The engine is the most delicate and require a high degree of care and maintenance. Though on the good side you will get to know more about the plane itself if it is nitro powered and this will give you the much needed confidence required to fly more complex models. The prices of these have reduced considerably and nowadays the price of a RTF trainer with 2.4 GHz radio system with a nitro engine will peg you back by only a few hundred dollars.

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