rc model airplane kitFlying radio control airplanes has become very popular as a hobby over the last few years. This hobby has evolved into a passion for many over time. Flying RC airplane is not only fun and addictive but stimulating also. The hobby is equally popular with both young and old and anyone can start with this hobby at any time. This is a very good way to utilize your pastime.

Like any hobby before you jump into it you must be sure about all pros and cons (if any) of radio control flying, the cost involved and the type of airplanes that you can fly. You should also learn why this hobby has become so popular nowadays. I suggest that you enter the world of RC flying with the help of RC model airplane kit. You will get immense joy when you will build and fly your first RC model airplane.

RC model airplane kits are more commonly known as ARF or Almost – Ready – To – Fly. The time required to assemble a model airplane is about 20 hrs. Once assembled the airplanes fly at a maximum speed of 30 mph and the landing speed is at 15 mph.

The cost of such kits is not very high. There are models which will cost less than 100 $ but if you are looking for a real good kit for a beginner and don’t mind spending then be ready with something like 250 $. However, a common question that usually haunts people is – how far can these airplanes fly? Let me tell you that the distance covered by a RC airplane will always depend upon the quality of the radio controller. Usually these fly a maximum distance of half a mile but larger planes are known to fly till a distance of 1 mile.

RC model airplane kits are usually considered good for first timers. These airplanes are controlled by a radio controlled system that is made up of a transmitter, receiver, frequency crystals and servos. The transmitter is the device that controls the speed and steering of the plane and it is always in our hands. The servos are placed inside the airplane to control the speed of the propeller and to control the wings or rudder.

The transmitter and the receiver use a frequency crystal to determine in which the radio control system operates in. In a RC airplane the propeller uses either with the help of gas engine or electric motor. While electric motor needs a battery to work the gas engines use fuel which is specially blended for these model airplanes.

The airplane models are beginning to become a rage among the new generation. If you visit the Amazon or eBay site you will find hundred of kits for sale at throwaway prices. Upon careful planning you can get yourself a good deal and with it a good starter kit for model airplane. This hobby is definitely more entertaining and intelligence stimulating than Xbox and PS3 combined.

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