As the title indicates, Revell is one of the most esteemed brands in the field of scale model airplanes. Even a novice in this field of interest recognizes Revell when he/she comes across it. This is no wonder considering how far back Revell goes.

It was way back in 1943 that Revell was created by two men named Lou Glaser and Jacque Fresco. The company started to make scale plastic models of railroads, a market it entered into in 1960. It made several good models of railroads as well as buildings and cars.

A Subsidiary company of the same name was created in Germany in the year 1956. By the 1970s, this subsidiary began to create independent lines that were then imported to the US. They became very popular and became synonymous with quality.

Revel continued to create models without being wildly successful until the mid 1980s. In 1986, it was purchased by a Odyessy Partners who had also recently purchased another name in the scale model business – Monogram, a rival of Revell. Odyessy merged the two companies – Revell and Monogram – to create a single company situated in Northbrook, Illinois.

The name Revell was retained mainly because of its wide recognition. The Revell brand offers historic models, jet models, helicopter models, big scale models and others. Included in the historic collection are the Dornier Do335 Arrow, B-25J Mitchell Gun Nose, P-39 Airacobra, B-24D Liberator, etc., all of which are offered in the 1/48 scale.

Revell scale model airplanes under the jet category include the EA-6A Wild Weasel, F-84G Thunderjet, Su-25 Frogfoot, F-14D Tomcat, etc. Helicopter models include the Sikorsky CH -54A Skycrane and the AH-64 Apache Heli.

Less than four years ago in September 2006, Revell’s German subsidiary, officially separated, letting go of their brand name and taking on the name GmbH & Co. KG (Inc). At the time it did this, the subsidiary was earning more than Revell-Monogram LLC.

Almost six months later, Revell-Monogram LLC was acquired by Hobbico Inc. Their latest offering to the customers (this month) is the above mentioned Sikorsky CH-54A Skycrane. Revell scale model airplanes released in December include the MiG 21PF.

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