scale model airplanesA scale model airplane is a replica of an airplane that is much bigger. There are a number of different manufactures for scale model airplanes and also a number of other vehicles around the world. Most of the scale model airplane manufacturers use fiberglass, foam, wood, and polystyrene to make these models. The scale model airplanes are also designed and made for different purposes; some of them are just scaled down to look like aircraft models and are used as show pieces whereas some manufacturers produce scale model airplanes that are accurately designed to glide and are more than show pieces.

There are quite a few scale model airplane manufacturers around the globe who make quite a few different types of scale model airplanes. One of the most popular airplane scale models is the radio-controlled aircraft which is used by thousands of people around the world for fun and entertainment. The radio-controlled scale model airplane is controlled by a remote control which allows you to fly the airplane to different directions and heights.

Many different scale model manufacturers produce radio-controlled airplanes but they are all different. The most convenient type is the Ready to Fly plane which doesn’t need you to fix anything and you are all set to fly the plane as soon as you open the box. The other type produced is the one which is Almost Ready to Use and this one requires you to fix a few things in the package before you start. However, people who would like to try their building and engineering skills can buy the Balsa kit which comes in various sizes and for people with different skill levels.

The different scale model airplane manufacturers also produce a variety of different planes such as new age fighter jets to different international or national passenger planes to military bombing planes to commercial jets. One can choose which kind of airplane they’d like to have and then decide whether they want it as a show piece or something they can really fly.

There are quite a few manufacturers around the world but here is a list of a few of the most well-renowned scale model airplane manufacturers –

  • Stevens Aero Model is a company that is based in the US and makes a variety of different aircraft models and kits for different skill levels.
  • Trumpeter is a company that is based in China and makes not only many different kinds of scale model aircrafts but also produces scale model ships, military ground vehicles and car kits.
  • Academy Plastic Model is a company that is based in South Korea and produces different aircraft model kits which range between 1:72 and 1:48 scales.
  • AirFix is a UK based company that has been producing aircraft model kits since 1939.
  • Aurora Plastics Corporation is a US based company that mostly makes plastic model aircraft kits.
  • Dragon Models Limited is a company that is based in Hong Kong and they produce plastic model planes and have been in business since 1987.