If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve either got a passion for scale model airplanes or you’ve never heard about them before and would like to find out more. I must say, I believe the former group to be larger one when it comes to the readership of this article.

Since we want to start right at the beginning, let’s begin by describing what the word ‘scale’ means within the context of model airplanes. Well, the whole term ‘scale model airplanes,’ makes it clear enough I hope that we’re discussing airplanes models that are made from plastic. These models are made to reflect the history of the military and aviation industries.

In order to create a model of any given military or other aircraft from the past, the first decision to be made is to do with scale. What size do you want your model to be in relation to the actual size of the aircraft in reality. This is always denoted by means of the ration system. Consider for example the ratio 1/50 – what this means is that your plastic model is fifty times smaller than the original.

By doing this you ensure that you have a set measurement of conversion. For instance if you decide to make a model that’s 48 times smaller than the original then according to your calculations every foot of the original will have to represented by ¼” of the model.

Today there’s a small but growing community of hobbyists that follow all the developments taking place on this front. This includes the manufacturing aspect as well as the building facet.

Take a look on the internet – a source that makes it possible to find just about anything – and you’ll notice that there are at least nine well known manufacturers of scale model airplanes. When I say, they manufacture them, I’m talking about both ready-made models as well as kits for you to have some hands-on fun yourself.

These models are made from a variety of materials ranging from plastic to wood, from polystyrene to fiberglass. The models once made may either be capable or flying or not. This feature is dependent on the construction of the model which differs based on whether or not you want your model to be worthy of flying.

There are those who enjoy this hobby as collectors and their only purpose is to find and add to their collection of various models of scaled airplanes. Obviously these are almost always static models. Then, there’s the other group that enjoys the act of building their own models either from scratch or from kits they buy online. This group consists of both static and flying model enthusiasts.

Whatever category you fall into, trust that there’re enough outlets on the internet that can cater to your wants. There are some websites and blogs as well that are maintained by professionals in this field some of whom take on orders for custom model airplanes in scales of your choice. Such blogs/websites also often offer tutorials on all aspects of this esoteric hobby.

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