Creating a collection of model airplanes from a specific era can be both easy and difficult. The difficult part comes first and depending on how well you handle it, the rest could relatively speaking, feel like a piece of cake.

The first difficult stage, I’m referring to, is the one in which you make all the decisions. I’m sure you’re not interested in a collection that’s random and consists of a model or two from a variety of different eras and a bunch of different countries.

An organized collector will work towards creating a complete collection by deciding on the era he finds most fascinating and the country who’s military aircraft history he wants to recreate. The decisions don’t stop here however!

Say you’ve chosen the United States of America and you want to recreate the World War II model airplanes’ history. Well, you’ll still want to decide if you’re going to be looking at the aircraft used by the US Airforce, Navy, Army or the Marine Corps!

Let’s say you decide to settle for those built for and used by the US Airforce, you’ll want to read up about or research all you can to find out everything you can about the models. Once you’ve got your list created, then begins the easy part…well, relatively speaking!

The easy phase consists of searching for, locating and purchasing the World War II model airplanes on your list. There are several manufacturers that you could check out, but if you’ve got a favorite brand that you trust for their quality and service then it should be easier still.

While you might be lucky enough to find some of the models and buy them readymade, you’ll probably have to custom order a few. There’s of course the possibility that you enjoy building the models yourself in which case the search will have to be focused on manufacturers and brands that sell kits of the specific models you’re looking for.

Luckily, there are brands from around the world to choose from. There are also individuals with a web presence who’ve devoted the life to this hobby and can help you.

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